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A Strategy to Take Control

Video Transcript:

Hey there. So, I get it. You are a very busy professional. You've either recently graduated from grad school, or just got married, or you are starting up your family. And you're being pulled in thirty different directions at once. A lot is going on in your life.

And surely, you've got to meet those current obligations and goals you have in your life. But usually when it comes time to pay taxes, go through open enrollment, or pay a bill, you often take care of that immediate issue with your financial life. But when you get it done, you kind of feel, "I need to be doing more with my financial life. There's a lot I have not addressed yet."

Now, what I encourage a lot of my clients to do, and this is something they actually do and I work with my client's on, is I encourage you to set up a process. Have a process that has a series of tasks that are there for you to go throughout the year in order to remind you "Oh, I need to check my credit report to make sure that everything is accurate and my identity has not been stolen." Or, "Oh yeah, it's time for me to review my life insurance because now I have a new job, or wow, we have a kid now." Or of course reviewing your open enrollment options before it gets time to apply for open enrollment.

All of these things can be found in the calendar that I have in the comments and you can download that. And I encourage you to take that and go ahead create a task for each of those items that are applicable to you. Again this is what I do with my own clients.