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Starting a new job?

download your 18 Point


Congratulations on starting a new job! You may be seeking structure to navigate your finances with all the changes. 

Download this 18 point guide which outlines the financial issues your should consider when starting a new job.


Plan Your Pursuit

When you start a new job, this shift can come with a number of changes that might impact your financial situation. In this checklist, we focus on reviewing the potential financial impact of a job change, including:

  • Cash Flow and Income

  • Employee Benefits

  • Retirement Plans and Deferred Compensation

  • Tax Planning


This change can have a great financial impact, and your planning can help make the most of this life transition.

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We believe that your goals and ambitions come first and foremost. Period.

We focus on partnering with young and mid-career professionals, startup families, and recent university graduates with advanced degrees with six-figure household incomes.


We understand your pursuit may not need sophisticated investment strategies or fancy insurance policies. Our services will help you prepare for the next stages in life and for developments that arise along the way. We help navigate the inherent trade-offs between changing careers, buying a home, starting a family, and saving for your goals. We offer personalized services and simple solutions. We do not sell products; we provide advice.

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