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A Tool to Increase Your Plan’s Resilience

A Tool to Increase Your Financial Plan's Resilience Graphic

For early and mid-career professionals, having flexibility in your financial life is essential. Being younger and more years to retirement means you have many unknowns in the future, which can be hard to plan. Maybe you want to start a business, pay for your children's education further down the road, or want to retire earlier than age 65. Understanding the features of the tools at your disposal to navigate your financial life is essential. And the Roth IRA is one tool that can add resilience to your financial plan. Furthermore, the Roth IRA can provide Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X some flexibility in their economic lives if used properly.

The advantage of the Roth IRA is that you pay the taxes before you contribute, so your money grows tax-free, and no taxes are due on withdrawals. The p