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How I Help Gen X & Y With Their Pursuit

Video Transcript:

At Pursuit Planning and Investments, LLC, I help Millenials and Gen Xers with household incomes of six figures and more live their life's pursuits. I do this by helping them with the specific financial aspects of their life. I advise and coach them with their financial plan.

Unlike my competitors, I allow myself to be available a hundred percent virtually for our meetings. This cuts out time, especially because you don't have to travel across town, but also makes it easier for us to meet at different times of the day. You're a busy person. You started a family and you're managing your career. And so getting the most out of your day is really important. And making myself a hundred percent virtual is important too.

Also, I am a fiduciary. This means I have to manage conflicts of interest and put your interest before my own. This means that I do not sell products. I do not sell life insurance policies or complex investment products. Although I advise on those elements, I do not sell them. And what this does, is that it allows us to sit down and create a plan for you that puts your goals and aspirations first. And then we work together as a partnership in order to create the action steps that require to help you get to where you want to go.

Third, I've created a series of unique programs that are devised for members of Generation X & Y. The first is the money management program. So this is really sitting down and understanding your budget and cash flow. This is for somebody who wants to take control of their cash flow, or they just don't know where their spending is going and