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It Was A Rocky Week

Enjoy this week's edition of the Planner's Beta

Beta (n) - climber's jargon that designates information about a climb This digest's purpose is to share observations, ideas, and treasures found this week which you may also find insightful. Sharing does not mean it's an endorsement. I am endorsing the pursuit of knowledge and exploration.

Something Fun

It was a slower weekend at the Baim Household. No braving the cold or skiing. It was a good weekend to relax. But I did come across this North Face video. The video reminded me of my volunteering days with AmeriCorps. I distinctly remember two projects where we cleared noxious plants and non-native trees to make way for flora. Trees are great, but not all trees are suitable for all environments. Watch Restoring the Hardknott Forest (The North Face)

Something About Financial Planning - From Nate

The stock market last week officially entered a "market correction" (a 10% drop from recent highs). No doubt, it is hard seeing hard-earned 401k, IRA, or investment accounts take a hit. Times like these require investors to keep a level head. Reacting to market swings usually doesn't bode well for individual investors. Studies show individuals who try to time the market often end up missing the bottom or top. Guessing market dips and peaks usually result in missed opportunities and under-performing investment performance. It is essential to keep in mind why you are investing. Is it for retirement? Starting a family or buying a home? Or are you planning on starting a business? It is essential at the start of any financial plan to correctly choose your asset allocation for your time horizon, risk tolerance, and risk capacity. Doing this work helps reduce the stress associated with large market swings. If you've done your homework, then you should understand these fluctuations are apart of the process. For long-term, disciplined investors, it is best to stay focused on your goals and not the weekly volatility. If things are a bit too crazy, and you need someone to talk to about your situation, feel free to place a meeting on my calendar.

Something About Economics / Investing

I like maps. And these graphics from NASA illustrate the impact on economic activity due to swift response to the coronavirus. The maps show the change in nitrogen dioxide, a gas created from the burning of fuels from cars, factories, and power plants, over several periods. We can see a dramatic decrease in the concentration of the gas in the atmosphere. Using data points like this helps investors understand the impact of the coronavirus. View the maps here: Coronavirus: NASA Images Show China Pollution Clear Amid Slowdown (BBC)


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