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Life Changing Advice I've Received

Video Transcript:

So, when of the best pieces of advice that i received, actually came to me when I was in my second year graduate school.

It was the end of my second year, and a professor heard that I had taken a job at a large multinational corporation. And he was is a bit surprised. He knew me well enough to know that that I wasn't necessarily somebody who would just go work for a large corporation. And you know, reflecting back on it too, I am a bit surprised I chose to go down that route after grad school.

But he parted some wisdom on me that I felt that really stuck with me. And he told me, "You know it great your got the opportunity to work at this as fortune 500 company and you are going to learn a lot. But, stay there until works for you, and once you've received what you need out of it, it's time to movie on."

And that really stuck with me. It echoed with me and even when I started the job I knew it wasn't going to be career. I was believing it was going to be there for four or five years at that the company. But after I was there for two years, that echoed in my mind because I felt like what I had learned there had been learned it was time for me to move on and to address the fire that was within inside me to go start my business.

It's great to have people like that in your life who can provide objective advice and in part that kind of wisdom. And a financial planner can can be that. Financial planner can do more than just help out with investing your 401(k) or your brokerage accounts or helping you determine whether not you should take on a new job or how to navigate the trade offs with the new benefits you get with that new job Or even is it the time to buy a new home.

A financial planner can really bring depth to your decisions because they can be an objective human being that can help you through very tough situations in life that go beyond just the financial implications.

I believe wealth is more than just financial wealth. Wealth is the combination of time your time, your physical mental health, your health within your community in your personal relationships and then of course your financial wealth. And a financial planner can provide a conversation in order to help balance those competing scarce resources.

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