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Understanding Student Loan IDR Plans

Enjoy this week's edition of the Planner's Beta

Beta (n) - climber's jargon that designates information about a climb This digest's purpose is to share observations, ideas, and treasures found this week which you may also find insightful. Sharing does not mean it's an endorsement. I am endorsing the pursuit of knowledge and exploration.

Understanding the Basics of Income Drive Repayment Plans

Are you struggling to figure out what your next move is with your student loans? With administrative forbearance coming to a close later this year, borrowers will have more questions about what they need to do with their student loans. This segment is part three of a multi-part series where I'm helping folks understand what student loans are, how they can pay back their loans, and the strategies that may be available to them. Parts one and two focused on helping people understand the federal loan program and private loans.