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A Changing World...Order?

Enjoy this week's edition of the Planner's Beta

Beta (n) - climber's jargon that designates information about a climb This digest's purpose is to share observations, ideas, and treasures found this week which you may also find insightful. Sharing does not mean it's an endorsement. I am endorsing the pursuit of knowledge and exploration.

Something From Nate

Restrictions are easing here in Oregon; Becky and I made it out to some local public land for dispersed camping this weekend. Although we were in solitude, it was relaxing to get out of the apartment. I've been picking up photography over the past several months, and it was nice to get out someplace where I could further develop my skill. Above are several pictures I wanted to share with you. I am learning photography is much more than just point and shoot. A camera is a tool that allows the photographer to capture different aspects of light. I am finding I enjoy capturing photos in low light conditions. It was past dusk when I snapped the tent's photo and the glowing embers of the fire. Low light images require a steady hand (or tripod) for crisp detail. However, I learned one might use glowing embers to paint a new portrait.